Things You Need for Radiation with Jen Delvaux


May 13th, 2022

47 mins 21 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

To help make radiation go a little better, Kristen teams up with guest Jen Delvaux to talk about their radiation experiences and share the little things that made them more comfortable.

Most women head into radiation not knowing the process or what to expect. Intimidating machines, tattoos, buzzing noises, orders about how to move (or not move) are overwhelming. Taking a backseat to treatment needs are ease and comfort—not that anything about radiation is particularly comfortable. If you’re also recovering from surgery, motion is limited and dressing in ANY clothing is a challenge.

Whether you’re just starting or are in the midst of radiation, this conversation is meant to be a helpful guide to the little things you need to get through it based on real experiences.

Jen Delvaux is the co-host of the podcast Not Today Cancer and author of a new book by the same name titled Not Today Cancer: A Non-Typical Survival Guide for the Girl Who Wants to Thrive, Not Just Survive.


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Jen Delvaux’s book
Not Today Cancer: A Non-Typical Survival Guide for the Girl Who Wants to Thrive, Not Just Survive

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Breast Cancer Stories follows Kristen Vengler, a 56 year old single empty nester in San Diego, from her diagnosis of hormone positive breast cancer through chemotherapy, mastectomy & breast reconstruction, radiation, and whatever happens after that.

In 2020, Kristen moved from Austin to San Diego to be near family and start her life over after a life-shattering workplace trauma. A few months later she had that terrifying moment in the shower we all hope we never have.

From her breast cancer diagnosis, through chemotherapy, breast reconstruction, and radiation, we experience each new milestone as it happens. This podcast is about what happens when you have breast cancer, told in real time.

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