Beating Lymphedema with Lymphatic Massage Expert Christine Galione, MSPT, CLT


May 27th, 2022

39 mins 52 secs

Season 1

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When and if lymph nodes have to be removed in the course of breast cancer treatment, lymphedema is a persistent aftereffect that must be treated and cared for following surgery, sometimes for many years.

Special guest and lymphedema specialist Christine Galione, MSPT, CLT is a physical therapist and expert lymphatic massage practitioner at Scripps Memorial La Jolla who has been helping breast cancer patients with lymphedema therapy since 2004.

Christine helps us understand what the lymph system does, how it functions, and the issues that can arise after removing them, including:

  • What cording is and how they treat it
  • When to wear (and not wear) compression sleeves
  • How to get back to regular exercise and weight lifting
  • Helpful tips for with air travel
  • Tips for ensuring your lymphatic massage is covered by insurance

Although it can be very scary for some people, Christine assures us that lymphedema is treatable, and the sooner you can get to therapy the better.


See the illustration of the lymph system mentioned by Christine in this episode

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