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My hero

I’ve been so incredibly inspired my Kristen’s story. I currently have breast cancer and this was the first podcast I had listened to after I found out and it’s helped me in SO MANY WAYS. Thank you for doing this podcast. I am forever her biggest fan.

Best out there…

A treasure trove of thoughtful and insightful information, for those of us going through this, partners, caregivers, friends…blended with stories from two delightful women who feel like friends within just a few episodes. Highly recommended.

Beautifully Open and Honest

Anytime you need to talk, we are listening Kristen! Thank you for letting us follow your journey!

What an amazing show!

Very well made and a easy listen. Would recommend to anyone!

Thanks for Sharing!

This podcast has great information and stories. Keep up the great work!

Warrior Princess

This podcast has so much to offer in the way of candid and personal insight into something that is a vast nightmare for so many women I know. Whether you are in the trenches, a survivor, or a woman that has never had breast cancer, like me - Kristen tells her story in a way that we can all relate to. Her chronological blow by blow medical procedure descriptions paint a very helpful picture in what to expect if you or a loved one were to cross her same path. Thank you for sharing your story Kristen! And thank you to your friend and interviewer for allowing her this space to tell her story.

Breast cancer journey

So super honest and educating. Because my mom went through this and she told me nothing about her experience.