Dec. 27, 2022

Our 2022 holiday gift guide is here! 🎁

Our 2022 holiday gift guide is here! 🎁

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🍈🍈 The holidays are in full swing, and it’s beyond challenging to find the perfect gift for someone with breast cancer. We have Kristen’s list of favorite things in this newsletter to give you (or those shopping for you) a holiday gift guide to alleviate the stress of shopping.

🍈🍈 In our latest episode (Day 203: I Still Choose to Show Up) Natasha opens up about her mental health struggles as she starts to fully register the sudden series of unfortunate events that have taken over her life.

🍈🍈There’s evidence that the food we eat can have an effect on our health and prevent diseases. In this article by Katie Couric Media, a nutritionist runs through the top foods to look for on your grocery runs in an effort to reduce your risk of cancer.


The Holiday Gift Guide You Never Wanted πŸŽ„

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🎁 Ana Ono Leslie Leisure Bra


🎁 Ana Ono Rora Pocketed Front Closure Bra


🎁 AnaOno Miena Robe With Drain Management Belt


🎁 AnaOno Abby Lounge Pant


🎁 Kyte Baby Cozy Women’s Pajamas


🎁 GOODONYA HYDRATE daily electrolytes + minerals


🎁 Skinbetter AlphaRet Overnight Cream - Best retinol for sensitive and changing skin after chemo, surgery, stress, etc


🎁 Skinbetter Alto Defense Serum


🎁 EltaMD Sunscreen


🎁 Bombas Women’s Marl Ankle Socks - donates one pair for every one bought!


🎁 The Dragontree Apothecary 2023 Dreambook + Planner - So helpful with all of the appointments and helping to soothe your soul!


🎁 Birkenstock Oswego Leather Shoes - Super comfortable and cute!

🎁 And of course, the Breast Cancer Stories newsletter makes a great gift:

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Our latest episode 🎧


Day 203: I Still Choose to Show Up

The radiation oncologist sends Natasha to a psycho-oncologist (did you know that was a thing?) because her antidepressants aren’t working, making self-care too hard. This forces her to confront the mental health struggles caused by the abrupt end of her time in Malawi, the surprise end of her 25-year marriage, and a cancer diagnosis all happening at the same time. Missing her old pre-cancer life, but not necessarily the marriage, she is engulfed in sadness and nostalgia but chooses to still show up. 

Another podcast we ❀️


Handle with CARE: Cancer & Beyond

Stage III breast cancer survivor and co-founder of CARE Project, Inc. Carrie Madrid and This Is Funner’s Chris Donovan invite cancer survivors to share their experiences in hopes of giving those in similar shoes something to relate to and possibly offer some fresh perspectives.


Things We ❀️ Right Now


❀️ The Breasties app - Yes, we are still loving The Breasties app and all that it stands for! It can be hard to find people you relate to throughout diagnosis and treatment. This app makes connecting with people who understand what you’re going through as easy as a few taps!


❀️ Wildfire Magazine’s book, Igniting the Fire Within: Stories of Healing, Hope & Humor, Inside Today’s Young Breast Cancer Community - A collection of 50 stories of people diagnosed with breast cancer under the age of 50 that gives you a look into the young breast cancer community of today.


Thank You 

πŸ™ Thank you to our listeners for listening to Natasha share her unique breast cancer story. We have a few more episodes of her incredible, real time storytelling in the vault, so stay tuned! If you’ve enjoyed the show, we would truly appreciate if you shared our podcast with friends.

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