Oct. 18, 2022

Yay, it's October?

Yay, it's October?

I’m still fangirling about Dana Donofree, founder and CEO of AnaOno Intimates being on the podcast. And the episode with her is out now! We talk about our favorite items that helped get us through surgery. Don’t worry, we’ve listed them all in here for you to check out. Let’s get into it…

What’s happening 🗞️

🍈🍈 It’s breast cancer awareness month, which means Pinktober.🙄 On episode 32 of our podcast, we teamed up with Ana Ono founder & CEO Dana Donofree to compare our surgery shopping lists. We also asked for her take on the breast cancer fundraising landscape and she gave her recommendations to make your donation dollar go furthest (farthest?) so check these orgs out:

  • The Breasties is an organization for women affected by gynecological and breast cancer.
  • Breast Cancer Research Foundation works with several high fashion brands throughout October, and their proceeds go toward research related to breast cancer causes, prevention, and recovery.
  • When you donate to METAvivor, 100% of your donated dollars will fund scientists trying to help women diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer.
  • Check out your local, grassroots nonprofits! Every city or state has these organizations that help those in your area diagnosed with breast cancer, from help with medical bills to trips to the doctor.

🍈🍈 Katie Couric revealed she had breast cancer & called out that she has dense breasts. Read Katie’s candid essay and the NY Times commentary on Katie’s dense breasts here.

🍈🍈 Natasha’s story continues on our podcast. This week you’ll hear how she’s feeling as she nears the end of chemo and stares down her upcoming lumpectomy.

Our latest episode 🎧

Things You Need For Surgery with Dana Donofree

Not only does Dana give fabulous recommendations, she shares how her personal experience led her to create some of the AnaOno products we love. Don’t miss the conversation about the surgeries they had during their breast cancer recoveries and how they got through them.

Things We ❤️ For Surgery

❤️ AnaOno Miena Robe With Drain Management Belt - Use promo code STORIES15

❤️ AnaOno Abby Lounge Pant - Use promo code STORIES15

❤️ AnaOno Bras (Leslie, Rora, Bianca, and more) - Use promo code STORIES15

❤️ Kyte Baby Women’s Pajamas

❤️ Weekly Pill Organizer 3 Times A Day, Portable Travel Pill Organizer

❤️ Lofe Bed Wedge Pillow for Sleeping - Multipurpose Adjustable

❤️ Simple Modern Water Bottle with Straw Lid Vacuum Insulated

❤️ Medline ReadyBath Unscented Body Cleansing Cloths, Standard Weight Wipes

❤️ Hibiclens Antimicrobial and Antiseptic Skin Cleanser Liquid - 8 Oz

❗👉 Download the full list of things you’ll need for surgery here.

Another podcast we ❤️

We Can Do Hard Things 💪

We Can Do Hard Things is hosted by Glennon Doyle, author of Untamed, a female empowerment and self-love book that debuted at #1 on The New York Times nonfiction bestseller list.

“We can do hard things is honest, raw, and relatable. Things we feel and want to say but don’t have the courage are normalized and respected. You may not agree with all views but your heart will feel better after listening.” - Kristen

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