May 26, 2022

Why I Exercise For My Lymph System

Why I Exercise For My Lymph System

I think it’s amazing that surgeons are able to test lymph nodes near the tumor during a mastectomy or lumpectomy and remove just what’s needed instead of all of them. This lessens the possibility of lymphedema! Yay!

Bouncing on a BOSU ball or stability ball or jogging in water for just 3 minutes stimulates your lymph system and facilitates movement throughout. Who knew?!? I just did this for the first time in a lymphedema class.

When you exercise regularly, you stimulate your lymphatic system by moving your muscles and getting your heart rate up. This helps it flow more effectively, potentially preventing infections.

Gently using rubber cups and coconut oil in movements toward your heart on thighs, hips, and forearms helps lymphatic draining. Ask your therapist or doctor about these!

In this episode of Breast Cancer Stories, special guest and lymphedema specialist Christine Galione, MSPT, helps us understand what the lymph system does, how it functions, and the issues that can arise after removing them.

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